此解決方案要求 (1) 完整模式許可證和 (2) 為相容主持現場直播.
VideoWhisper提供軟件, 交鑰匙管理相容託管和一個完整的交鑰匙解決方案的安裝.

快速設置捆綁包 完整模式牌照 + 完全託管 可用 從75元/月.
對於即時網頁, 我們建議更高的包, 具體取決於估計的流音量.

現在訂購一個組合包與 許可證租賃 + 完成託管計畫 啟動專案:

Starter 建議新專案制定計畫, 在開發並測試期間 幾個觀眾, good streaming quality up to 480P (1200kbps).

包括全模式功能級別 1 許可證 ($25/莫) 和和 完成 – 入門託管計畫 ($50/莫).
Before launching into production mode or starting to advertise site, upgrading to a higher plan is recommended. Prepare for inflow of clients!

免費安裝 ($25/安裝). Start from a functional setup, 類似于現場演示, 準備自訂.

Professional plan is for early stage startups, 同時流式傳輸 36Mbps的 到小團體 幾十名觀眾, good streaming quality up to 720P (3600kbps).

包括全模式功能級別 1 許可證 ($25/莫) 和 完成 – 專業託管計畫 ($100/莫).

免費安裝 ($25/安裝).
節省額外 10$ each month with this full mode license & 完整的託管捆綁包.

專家 plan is for startup projects, 同時流式傳輸 72Mbps的 最多 一百名觀眾, 良好的流式處理質量,高達 1080P (6000kbps).

包括全模式下的所有功能, 完成 – 專家託管計畫.

免費安裝 ($25/安裝). Start from a functional setup, 類似于現場演示, 準備自訂.
節省額外 15$ each month with this full mode license & 完整的託管捆綁包.

主人 plan is for established startups, 同時流式傳輸 120Mbps的 最多 幾百名觀眾, 出色的流式處理質量,高達 1080P (8000kbps).

包括全模式下的所有功能, 完成 – 主託管計畫.

免費安裝 ($25/安裝). Start from a functional setup, 類似于現場演示, 準備自訂.
Save 20$/month with this full mode license & 完整的託管捆綁包.

雨匠 plan is for established projects, 同時流式傳輸 240Mbps的 最多 幾百名觀眾, good streaming quality up to 2K (16000kbps).
Includes all features and WebRTC Complete – Rainmaker hosting plan.

專案可以擴展到更高的容量 透過為子站點或自訂負載平衡設定新增額外的 Rainmaker/Mogul 計劃. 雨製造者/莫卧兒計劃也可以安排下個月在不同的地點移動 (like different zones in EU, 英國), on request.

免費安裝 ($25/安裝). Start from a functional setup, 類似于現場演示, 準備自訂.
節省 $25/月: 每個造雨機計畫都包括免費直播許可證 (在不同的網域或子域上部署全模式子站點).

大亨 plan is for big projects, 同時流至 480Mbps的數百名觀眾, 出色的流式處理品質,包括 4K (40000kbps).
包括所有功能和 完成 – 莫古爾託管計畫, 專用等級資源和快速設置. Mogul 計畫在更高規格的伺服器上分配專用等級資源 (更多 CPU, 記憶體, 突襲磁片) 與普通伺服器相比,性能和可靠性更高.

通過為子網站或自訂負載平衡設置添加額外的 Mogul 計畫. 莫臥兒計畫也可以安排在下個月在不同的地點移動 (like different zones in EU, 英國), on request.

免費安裝 ($25/安裝). Start from a functional setup, 類似于現場演示, 準備自訂.
節省 $25/月: 每個 Mogul 計畫都包括一個免費的即時流媒體許可證 (用於在不同的域或子域上部署完整模式子網站).

  • All plans include free installation. Installation of all features on complete plans requires pointing a domain/subdomain to the compatible hosting account.
    Setup on other host with 遠端串式處理 involves feature limitations and is possible only with specific web host requirements like FFmpeg (usually not available on regular web hosts).
  • 如果你沒有 registered for this project, 還, 您可以 register a new domain for your project (自由誰的隱私). 額外折扣, 使用優惠券: videowhisper
  • 現有 Wordpress sites can be moved to these turnkey plans before installing solution. Include WP admin credentials if you want the solution added to existing setup.
  • Please allow around a couple of 工作日 (平均) 用於設置, 訂單處理後. Depending on exact time of ordering, 非工作日, 可能需要幾天時間.
    更快的訂購速度, 更快的設置.
  • 包括 installation means our staff will install WP, plugins, 配置流式處理, add menus and pages to be able to access features as in our demos, test to make sure it works and send you links to: 訪問主要部分, configure settings specific to your business (徽標, 計費) and review suggestions to improve setup / 進一步自訂.
  • 詳細資訊和 條款 for services in combos are available on their pages, including resource allocation for hosting plans. Monthly plans are renewed each month, 直到被取消.
  • Plan subscriptions can be cancelled anytime from billing site where order was placed. 取消 停止自動續訂.
    Live demos and downloads are available for evaluation prior to ordering your own setup. These services and hosting resources are not returnable due to their nature.
  • 計畫可以 升級 to higher plans if more hosting resources are required for increased speed, reliability and user capacity. Resources are allocated after upgrade. 多伺服器縮放 options can be implemented for extra, depending on project requirements.
  • 折扣 可用於具有較高託管的捆綁包 (在上面選擇) and paying for longer term (1 年或以上). After setting up and building project on entry monthly plans, depending on your volume estimates and available budget, 聯繫我們 and specify hosting plan you need and duration, 自訂優惠.
  • 支援: Although VideoWhisper provides turnkey packages with software, complete hosting with manage streaming servers, installation, each business owner is running your own site / 平臺.
    這涉及到一些時間, 患者, technical abilities for website management or willingness to learn. 額外的現場工作人員 (網站站長/顧問) can be used to run and manage own site, depending on volume and feature complexity.
    VideoWhisper staff can assist with configuring/troubleshooting own plugins, suggesting 3rd party plugins or evaluating custom development for specific requirements, clarifications and research for documentation links related to other plugins/services provided by 3rd parties for using in combination with solution, 每 支援條款.

1. 全模式許可證

WP視頻直播 外掛程式基於 VideoWhisper直播 這需要一個水準 1 許可證.

常規許可證將啟用完整模式, 並在從許可域運行時消除快閃記憶體應用程式中的所有限制和侵入性廣告. 全模式表示 無限制的通道, 觀眾 (當您的流託管資源允許) 用於商業生產用途.

每個訂單包括一個免費安裝, 如果兼容主機可用 (查看要求). 你也可以自己安裝 (建議意識和設置選項控制) 由以下的 安裝教程, 和根據需要請求援助.

完整模式許可證可以為 25 美元/月租用或購買 $250/一生. 許可證是每個域和更多的選項都可用.

In addition to standard online payment methods (像貝寶, 信用卡), 許可證可以訂購 cryptos (像 BTC, eth, LTC, 破折號) 和 提供折扣.


2. 兼容主機

該軟件具有特殊的 要求 (用於視訊串流伺服器服務與即時互動).

您可以使用我們 完成 HTML5 託管計劃 一切 (網頁 + HTML5 即時流式伺服器服務) 或結合您的其他網路託管,如果你有FFmpeg (在您的網站上安裝應用程式,並將其設定為使用您與我們一起制定計畫的流式處理).
存檔/記錄 / 再流IP攝像機 / 其他進階功能需要使用相同的伺服器進行 Web 和流式處理 (因此,串流式伺服器檔案可以透過 Web 文稿存取). 申辦計畫,符合要求的運行所有的功能和高級的選項開始從 $50/月. 設定自己的即時流式伺服器需要更高的成本.

訂購解決方案後 (軟體許可和相容託管) VideoWhisper 員工可協助安裝, 配置.

訂購完整的 HTML5 串流式處理

3. 自訂項 (可選)

After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, VideoWhisper 開發人員 可以自訂這些額外費用根據確切的要求.

聯繫 VideoWhisper 支援


  • What are the total costs required to run solution?
    解決方案包括軟體許可和相容的託管和列出的計畫從 $ 75/月包括部署和運行解決方案所需的一切. Additional investments for customizations are optional, depending on each project.
  • Do I need a streaming server (Wowza) license when using your hosting?
    沒有, our servers are already licensed. 列出的計畫價格包括所有列出的承載功能.
    When setting up own server with a 3rd party provider, multiple items should be considered to meet all requirements (如描述要求頁).
  • Do I need to transfer my domain when using web + rtmp 託管計畫?
    沒有, you just need to point domain (從功能變數名稱註冊) to name severs provided on account setup. If you don’t have a domain, 然而,你可以 register a domain with any registrar.
  • Can I use a 3rd party host?
    Only if it meets all the 要求. Regular web hosts usually don’t meet the requirements and don’t have experience, configuration/network/servers designed for such setups. We don’t recommend using a provider that does not have experience with these streaming solutions as that often leads to long setup hassle and unreliable service.
  • How fast is this delivered?
    許可證和常規主機安裝通常在幾天內交付. 專用伺服器需要一周的時間.
    Installation assistance can be provided after domain propagates to the compatible hosting plans or complete required installation details 提供了, when hosting with a 3rd party.
  • 這是如何交付?
    After licensing and/or hosting setup, details are sent in a new ticket with notification to emails provided when ordering. Make sure you provide a functional email and alternate email. If notification does not come in estimated delivery time, 您可以 submit a ticket from contact page with order details to make sure you are receiving the emails. Notification emails sometimes go to spam folders because they contain multiple links including IP based (用於託管).
    Delivery notification should not be confused with automated billing notification from billing site, that is sent right after order processing.
  • 做這項工作在手機上?
    是的, 解決方案包括 html5 移動瀏覽器的特殊功能, 以允許廣播和播放.
    這些都涉及到特殊的功能和要求 移動平臺支援. 可在格式之間進行基於轉碼的轉換.
    即時流的播放在移動瀏覽器中可作為 html5 webrtc, HLS 或 MPEG DASH 關於推薦的 Wowza 計畫.
    還可以使用 html5 webrtc 從行動裝置上進行即時廣播視頻, wowza gocoder 或定制開發 移動應用程序.
  • 是否支援 WebRTC?
    是的, solution implements WebRTC for streaming to/from media relay server. 這帶來了一些 HTML5 移動瀏覽器的相容性, to allow streaming directly from site without configuring stand alone encoder apps.
    A streaming server is used as a relay for scalability, reliability and cross protocol stream availability. Relay server also manages sessions and advanced interactions in real time.
    為什麼不使用 P2P? 為標準 WebRTC implementations utilize peering networks, there still has to be a nearby node to help distribute the stream to other local hosts. Peering across a global network can be incredibly difficult.
    Broadcasters would need server grade connections to live stream to multiple users and using a regular home ADSL connection (that has has higher download and bigger upload) 導致實際問題.
    測試時使用 2 or few users works fine in demos and small load trials, WebRTC limits often show in production mode: becomes unusable when many users are watching same HD stream and broadcaster connection is regular.
    All startups hope their streaming applications will become a huge success, with thousands of viewers watching. 一個執行者流了一個 全高清視頻 at 6-8 Mbps的 直接到 100 viewers in various world locations would require up to 600-800Mbps upload connection which is unlikely to achieve for a retail home connection. A streaming server in a well connected datacenter will do the job. Above average home ADSL connections have under 100Mbps upload allowing streaming such video to a maximum of 12 使用者.
  • What about Flash support?
    This solution supports both new HTML5 technology and legacy advanced Flash applications: 網站管理員可以啟用和廣播機構可以流不同類型的流.
    System responsively shows clients the appropriate interface and using supported technology (快閃記憶體或 HTML5 WebRTC / HLS / MPEG DASH depending on client device and browser), 執行必要的流轉換 (轉碼).
    長期以來, Flash 是可靠地實現某些瀏覽器功能 (如低延遲網路攝像頭廣播和交互) 的唯一可靠方法. Browser developers wanted to remove reliance on such external plugins since 2010 but technologies that could reliably implement these features took a very long time to get implemented.
    As alternative HTML5 technology becomes better, there are plans to discontinue Flash support in 2020. Our solutions are incorporating both new technologies like HTML5, WebRTC, HLS, WebSockets and provide support and bridges to reliable legacy Flash features, while supported by major browsers.
  • I have some other questions: Where can I find further clarifications?
    提交一張票 with your questions and VideoWhisper technical support will assist as soon as possible.

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