This solution requires (1) a full mode license and (2) compatible hosting for live streaming.
VideoWhisper provides software, turnkey managed compatible hosting and installation for a complete turnkey solution.

Quick order combo packages for full mode license + hosting are available from $75/month.
For active sites, we recommend higher packages depending on estimated streaming volume.

1. Full Mode License

The WP Live Video Streaming plugin is based on VideoWhisper Live Streaming which requires a level 1 license.

A regular license will remove all limitations and intrusive ads from the flash application when run from licensed domain.

Each order includes one free installation, if compatible hosting is available (see requirements). You can also install yourself (recommended for awareness and control of setup options) by following the setup tutorial, and request assistance as needed.

Full mode license can be rented for $25/month or purchased for $250/lifetime. License is per domain and more options are available.

In addition to standard online payment methods (like Paypal, credit card), license can be ordered with cryptos (like BTC, ETH, LTC, DASH) and discounts are available.

Order Live Streaming License

2. Compatible Hosting

This software has special requirements (for the video streaming and live interaction).

You can use our rtmp hosting plans for everything (web+rtmp) or in combination with your other web hosting (install application on your site and configure it to use rtmp address from a plan you have with us).
If you need to use archiving/recording or need mobile delivery / re-streaming ip cameras / other advanced features, we recommend Wowza and using same server for web and rtmp (so rtmp videos are accessible by web scripts).

Hosting plans that meet requirements for running all features and advanced options start from $50/month.

After ordering solution (software license and compatible hosting) VideoWhisper staff can assist with installation, configuration. They you can customize.

Order Wowza Streaming Hosting

3. Customizations (Optional)

  • Easily skin site with a professional WordPress theme .
    We recommend a theme that can be configured to have a wide content area (preferably full page width) so application interface can take up necessary space. Some tested themes: Jupiter, Impreza, Elision, Sweet Date 4U.
  • After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, VideoWhisper developers can customize these for additional fees depending on exact requirements.
Contact VideoWhisper Support


  • What are the total costs required to run solution?
    Solution consists of software license and compatible hosting and listed plans from $75/month include everything needed to deploy and run the solution. Additional investments for customizations are optional, depending on each project.
  • Do I need a streaming server (Wowza) license when using your hosting?
    No, our servers are already licensed. Listed plan price includes all listed hosting features.
    When setting up own server with a 3rd party provider, multiple items should be considered to meet all requirements (as describe onrequirements page).
  • Do I need to transfer my domain when using web + rtmp hosting plans?
    No, you just need to point domain (from domain registrar) to name severs provided on account setup. If you don’t have a domain, yet you can register a domain with any registrar.
  • Can I use a 3rd party host?
    Only if it meets all the requirements. Regular web hosts usually don’t meet the requirements and don’t have experience, configuration/network/servers designed for such setups. We don’t recommend using a provider that does not have experience with these streaming solutions as that often leads to long setup hassle and unreliable service.
  • How fast is this delivered?
    License and regular hosting setup is usually delivered in a couple of days. Dedicated servers take up to a week.
    Installation assistance can be provided after domain propagates to the compatible hosting plans or complete required installation details are provide, when hosting with a 3rd party.
  • How is this delivered?
    After licensing and/or hosting setup, details are sent in a new ticket with notification to emails provided when ordering. Make sure you provide a functional email and alternate email. If notification does not come in estimated delivery time, you can submit a ticket from contact page with order details to make sure you are receiving the emails. Notification emails sometimes go to spam folders because they contain multiple links including IP based (for hosting).
    Delivery notification should not be confused with automated billing notification from billing site, that is sent right after order processing.
  • Does this work on mobiles?
    Yes, solution includes special capabilities for HTML5 mobile browsers to allow both broadcasting and playback.
    These involve special features and requirements for mobile support. Converting between formats is available based on transcoding.
    Playback of live stream is available in mobile browsers as HTML5 WebRTC, HLS or MPEG DASH  on recommended Wowza plans.
    Broadcasting live video can also be done from mobile using HTML5 WebRTC, Wowza GoCoder or custom developed mobile apps.
  • Is WebRTC supported?
    Yes, solution implements WebRTC for streaming to/from media relay server. This brings compatibility for some HTML5 mobile browsers, to allow streaming directly from site without configuring stand alone encoder apps.
    Media server is still required and used as a relay for scalability, reliability and cross protocol stream availability. Relay server also manages sessions and advanced interactions in real time.
    Why not use P2P? As standard WebRTC implementations utilize peering networks, there still has to be a nearby node to help distribute the stream to other local hosts. Peering across a global network can be incredibly difficult.
    Broadcasters would need server grade connections to live stream to multiple users and using a regular home ADSL connection (that has has higher download and bigger upload) causes real issues.
    While testing with 2 or few users works fine in demos and small load trials, WebRTC limits often show in production mode: becomes unusable when many users are watching same HD stream and broadcaster connection is regular.
    All startups hope their streaming applications will become a huge success, with thousands of viewers watching. A performer streaming a full hd video at 8 Mbps directly to 100 viewers in various world locations would require up to 800Mbps upload connection which is unlikely to achieve for a retail home connection. A streaming server in a well connected datacenter will do the job. Above average home ADSL connections have under 100Mbps upload allowing streaming such video to a maximum of 12 users.
  • I have some other questions: Where can I find further clarifications?
    Submit a ticket with your questions and VideoWhisper technical support will assist as soon as possible.

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