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Browsers can’t play RTSP directly, so streams need to be converted and delivered in suitable formats. Solution involves specific software and streaming server configuration that permits inputing streams including RTSP from IP camera or similar sources and outputting to website formats, accessible in browser.

Dupăînregistrare şiLogin, un nou canal de IP Camera de configurare sau de a configura unul la ieşireaTransmite în direct meniu.

Următorul pas este de a umple adresa IP Camera RTSP sau Stream. Acest pas oferă mai multe detalii despre formatul şi permite reîncerca bazate pe AJAX.


  • You will need the stream address of your ip camera or stream. Insert address exactly as it works inVLC or other player (test before submitting). 
  • Address should start with one of these supported protocols: RTSP://, RTMP://, udp://, rtmps://, wowz://, wowzs:// or https:// if ending in m3u8 (HLS).
  • For increased playback support, H264 video with AAC audio encoded streams should be configured if possible, from IP Camera / Streaming source settings.
  • For IP cameras, you can find RTSP address in its documentation: ask the camera provider orfind it online.
  • Username and password of IP camera / stream needs to be specified if needed to access that stream.
  • Port needs to be specified if different from default for that protocol. Non standard ports may be rejected by firewall (contact site administrator).
  • If device/stream does not have a public address, your local network administrator will need toForward Camera Port trough Router.
  • If your network is not publicly accessible (your ISP did not allocate a static public IP), your local network administrator may need to setupDynamic DNS for external access.

If streaming server can access the stream a snapshot will be shown and channel can be added.

Canalul este apoi accesibile pe site-ul.

Canal prezinta in Flash web-based Interfata canal folosind direct stream. Unele codificări nu poate juca direct şi necesită transcodare.

Live canal este accesibil în HTML5 browsere ca HLS, MPEG-DASH după transcodare. Transcodare face Stream potrivit pentru redare HTML5.

Live canal este, de asemenea, enumerate automat în lista de canale după actualizarea instantaneu.

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