Solution is compatible with the popular WordPress framework, platform of choice for over 1/3 of top internet sites. This means you can find a great number of high quality themes, 外掛程式, tutorials, documentation sources and service providers for your new project.

  • 主題
    外掛程式使用 WP 簡碼和鉤 (actions, filters) 實現其功能,使大多數主題 (free or paid) 符合 WP 編碼標準的工作.

    • Theme Requirements:
      – 具有廣泛內容區域範本的主題 (preferably full page width) should be used so web application interface can use most of the space.
      Theme should not disable WP hooks like actions and filters.
      Theme should not disable or replace with older versions standard WP JS libraries like jQuery, as these are used for interface elements. This can be fixed with a plugin that forces latest version (which may affect the older theme).
    • Theme Suggestions:
      – 示例免費主題: New projects are usually deployed with the free Twenty Seventeen theme, with all sidebar Widgets removed from Appearance > Widgets sections (so it shows wide content without sidebar). Widen layout with this custom CSS code: .site-inner {max-width: 1600Px;}
      Sample premium themes: Browse professional WordPress themes to skin site, change design. 檢查演示以確保它支援廣泛的內容區域.
      In example: VideoPro, 木星, Impreza, Elision, Sweet Date 4U, AeroLand . Most premium themes should work fine, these are just some we or our clients deployed in some projects and showed all solution features working fine. Latest versions may be different.
    • Theme Setup:
      – wp 主題自動從 wp 後端安裝. Tutorial for installing themes: Upload and Setup Custom WP Theme
      Sometimes themes have different menu placements and you need to configure checkboxes and enable menu from Appearance > Menus.
      Demo theme content: Do not activate options that reset database as that would remove solution pages and menus and you will need to setup sections for accessing features again.
      Avoid installing sample theme content on main installation (pages withlorem ipsumtexts and other fake content showcasing various theme pages). You can setup a new dev installation for tests or check theme demos, without cluttering your setup with useless content.
  • 全模式許可證
    何時準備好要走活, 你應該得到 完整模式牌照, 如果你不有一個, yet. 沒有許可證軟體在自由模式下運行. 從許可域運行時,完整模式許可證將刪除 Web 應用程式中的所有限制和侵入性廣告.
  • 設置
    Available plugin settings and options are documented in plugin backend and organized in multiple sections: Server, Integration, 廣播, 收費管道, 通道功能, Playlists Scheduler, 看, 監視限制, 觀察參數, Billing, 小貼士, 移動, 自訂應用程式.
  • 特徵
    After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, VideoWhisper.com staff can customize these for additional fees depending on exact requirements.
    軟體由 VideoWhisper web 應用程式組成, 可以使用參數進行定制 / by replacing interface skin images and the integration code (外掛程式) including php, js, css, settings that can be changed as needed. New options, features or changes in the app can be implemented by VideoWhisper developers.
  • Plugins
    解決方案可以與任何其他 WordPress 外掛程式結合使用, 只要這些滿足 WP 編碼標準, 不破壞核心掛鉤和功能. 數以萬計的外掛程式 可用於添加和改進網站功能.
  • 商標
    You can start from a professional logo template.
  • Contents
    Site pages, menus, 內容類別別和主題小部件部分可以從 WordPress CMS 後端編輯.
    Most sites require Privacy Policy, Terms of Use pages. Adult sites in US jurisdiction also require a “18 U.S.C. 2257” compliance and contact info page.
    Other pages for policies may be required depending on site jurisdiction (business location, provider/client location). Content of these pages depends on each site, business: 您可能會找到一些示例/範本,從, 在線.
    You can add pages from Pages > Add New in WP admin area and then add these to your menus from Appearance > Menus.
    Depending on site membership, users should have menus to access registration, login and site features. Although this solution will show Login/Registration buttons for features that require that, users should also have these options in menu or theme, for clarity. Plugins that show special menus to site visitors and logged in users can be used.
    Widgets can be edited from Appearance > Widgets. For this solution, removing all widgets from sidebar and disabling sidebar is recommended, to have more room for content and features.
  • Design/Interface
    After selecting a theme to start from, that can be customised by a web designer experienced with WP themes. A WP designer can also create a custom theme (that meets WP coding requirements and standards).
    Solution specific CSS (like for listings and user dashboards) can be edited in plugin backend.
    Shortcodes are documented in plugin backend and can be added to pages, posts, templates.
    VideoWhisper 開發人員可以新增其他選項, settings to ease up customizations, for additional fees depending on exact customization requirements.
  • Site Administration, Fine Tuning, Webmaster Services
    Although VideoWhisper provides turnkey packages with software, hosting, installation, you will be running your own site / 平臺, which involves some time, 耐心和最小的技術能力或工作人員運行和管理自己的WordPress網站.
    Site administration may include review of registrations if approval is required, fine tune settings and configuration for own business (configuring billing plugin settings to match your billing account, membership roles, prices, toggle features), setup specific site pages like terms for your project requirements, install and configure 3rd party plugins you may want to use in your project.
    如果您沒有額外的時間或經驗執行自己的網站, you can look for a freelancer WP consultant. 如果您不知道在哪裡可以找到網站站長/設計服務提供者,您可以在網站(如Freelancer.com)上發佈專案, 但符合您的要求.
    Consultant needs to have previous experience with self hosted WordPress sites, setting up pages and menus, configuring plugins and themes and HTML/CSS skills if you need adjustments on theme and feature styling.

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