How To Setup your own Live Broadcasting Site

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Broadcast Live Video is a solution for streaming live from your own site. The software includes web based applications and scripts that allow broadcasting and managing unlimited live video channels.

Compared to using other platforms, with this solution you run your own service. When running your own platform you can control access (by membership, access lists, pay per channel), content, features, ads as you wish.

Solution implements features similar to popular sites like Twitch, Hitbox, Livestream, JustinTv, UStream, YouNow. Can also be used with a custom built mobile app like Meerkat, Periscope.

For trying solution, see Live Demos.


  • Broadcast Live Video
    • webcam from site
    • desktop encoders
    • mobile apps
    • IP camera 24/7 streams
    • scheduled video playlist
    • WebRTC from HTML5 browsers
  • AJAX Channel List
  • Watch Live Video
  • Tips to broadcaster
  • HLS playback support (mobile)
  • Unlimited Membership Levels
  • Channel Management
    • category, description, logo
    • toggle comments
    • channel access price
    • channel access list
  • Broadcast Archives
    • channel video archive playlist
    • import past broadcasts to channel playlist
    • upload new videos to channel playlist
  • Easy to design and extend with WP Themes and Plugins

Project Requirements / Components

  • WordPress
    • FREE
    • Can be automatically installed on CPanel hosts with Softaculous / Fantastico.
    • Allows many new turnkey features as plugins (seo, sitemaps, social features) and new designs as themes.
    • Allows affordable development and design because framework is popular and well documented.
  • WordPress Live Streaming
    • Can be used in FREE (limited) mode.
    • Price:  $250/purchase or $25/month rental (for full mode) : Order
    • Can be automatically installed as WordPress plugin from official repository.
  • RTMP Session Control
    • Required to show external broadcasts as LIVE channels.
    • Included for FREE with VideoWhisper Wowza Hosting
    • Price: $299/purchase or $19/month (on other hosts)
  • WP Video Share / Video On Demand (VOD)
    • FREE
    • Can be automatically installed as WordPress plugin from official repository.
  • Compatible Web and RTMP Hosting
    • Wowza RTMP hosting required for live streaming and  iOS support.
    • Web hosting compatible with WordPress.
    • FFMPEG and latest codecs on web host, required for transcoding, snapshots.
    • Recommended: VideoWhisper Wowza Hosting starting from $50/month : Order
  • Optional: As WP Live Streaming plugin supports premium broadcasters, this can be used in combination with a membership plugin. VideoWhisper also provides the Paid Membership and Content plugin that allows upgrading roles based on credits and also purchasing content (like videos).
    Another option with direct payment for membership is the s2Member plugin to enable paid membership (in example to charge premium broadcasters a fee).

    • FREE for use with PayPal
    • Paid mode available with more gateways and features.
  • Optional: myCRED credits management and billing plugin to enabled pay per access channels
    • FREE with 5 billing gateways : PayPal Standard, Skrill (Moneybookers), NETbilling, Zombaio, BitPay (bitcoin).
    • Other billing gateways available as Premium myCRED Addons.
  • Site Identity:
  • Optional: Contact VideoWhisper for developing a custom site  iPhone / iPad  and/or Android Live Streaming Application .
    See Clone App : Live Streaming Application like Meerkat / Periscope / Livestreaming / YouNow / Ustream.

Minimum startup budget:
+ $75/month for web solution and hosting (includes installation)
+ $9/year for a domain

Setup time:
few days

Quick Start

To get most of this setup by VideoWhisper, you can order the 75$/month Live Streaming license + Stream Developer hosting from VideoWhisper and register a domain.

In addition to regular payment methods, VideoWhisper also accepts BTC, LTC, ETH and other cryptocurrencies for services (hosting, software licensing). Use contact form to discuss payment options, plans and discounts.

Each VideoWhisper license order includes one free installation, if compatible hosting is available.
After ordering the 2 items above (full mode license and compatible hosting) submit a ticket with VideoWhisper to install and configure:

  • WordPress
  • Live Streaming plugin
  • Video Share VOD plugin

Then you can start customizing and/or add other plugins and features, advertise project.

When ready for production mode, before advertising site make sure you upgrade to a higher hosting plan that can handle more users with good performance.

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