Free Installation Included

Each order includes one free installation, if compatible hosting is available. So if you ordered the solution, follow up with technical support to get it installed on your domain.

I. WordPress

This solution installs on WordPress framework (most popular site framework powering 1/3 of top online sites with increased reliability and security).
You need to have WP running on your site before installing Live Streaming functionality.

If you host with VideoWhisper turnkey complete plans, WP can be installed automatically from CPanel with Softaculous. Our staff can also assist on request.

Some browsers like Chrome require HTTPS for allowing publishing of webcam: WordPress URL should be configured with HTTPS if supported by host.  VideoWhisper plans include SSL certificate and automated HTTPS configuration (becomes available shortly after pointing domain to web host).

Find on this page details about: Installation, Configuration, Suggested Plugins, Customizations.

II. Plugin Installation

Before installing, make sure your hosting environment meets all hosting requirements.
Warning: Standard web hosting servers and plans don’t include the required specific live streaming server capabilities, server software licensing, tools and configurations or administrators experienced with such features.
We don’t recommend using a provider that does not have experience with these streaming solutions as that often leads to long setup hassle and unreliable service.
In most scenarios best option for a fast reliable setup at best price is to move website or point a subdomain to our fully compatible turnkey managed streaming hosting plans .
– Advanced streaming+web features like listing/importing archives, scheduling playlists require both web and streaming services on same server, specific rtmp side content path configuration, for web and streaming server to exchange configuration and video files.
– HTML5 WebRTC, transcoding and HLS delivery requires Wowza SE, streaming session control and FFMPEG with specific codecs on web host.
– Broadcasting from Chrome requires HTTPS , WSS and a SSL certificate also needs to be configured on streaming server for HTML5 HLS, WebRTC.
All required hosting features, streaming services, turnkey configurations, server licensing and video tools are available with the turnkey complete hosting plans (web + streaming).

  1. If you’re not hosting RTMP with us go to RTMP Application Setup for installation details.
    Our plans include management of streaming side, configuration comes turnkey with account setup and settings are provided with hosting info.
    WebRTC, re-streaming, scheduling, monitoring, HLS, MPEG-DASH and other features need to be configured per Wowza SE documentation on 3rd party servers. SSL needs to be configured for streaming services as most browsers required it. Advanced capabilities require session control licensing and configuration.
  2. Search the VideoWhisper Live Streaming plugin and install it directly from WordPress admin (recommended) area OR download latest WordPress PHP + Widget Plugin zip version and copy the files from the zip file including folder structure to your wordpress plugins folder: you should obtain wp-content/plugins/videowhisper-live-streaming-integration . Then update automatically to latest version from repository.
    Always update plugin to latest version when adviced from WP backend.
  3. Enable the plugin from WordPress admin area and fill the settings to match streaming server configuration, including RTMP, HLS, WebRTC, RTSP streaming settings.
    Session control requires configuring streaming server with configuration retrieved from plugin settings. Needs to be configured by streaming server administrator.
    Other features like archiving, 24/7 IP camera RTSP monitoring also involve specific configuration on streaming server. Contact hosting provider for configuring this.

III. Configuration

Navigate in WP admin dashboard to Live Streaming > Documentation menu where you will find a Quick Setup Tutorial section with steps and links to configure plugin. Briefly:

  1. From Live Streaming > Settings in WP backend and configure settings (it’s compulsory to fill a valid RTMP hosting address – see requirements)
  2. From Appearance > Menus add Channels and Broadcast Live pages to main site menu.
    Users will be able to setup & broadcast channels from Broadcast Live page and these will get listed on Channels page.
  3. From Settings > Permalinks enable SEO friendly structure : Post name. This requires mod_rewrite with Apache.
  4. Install and enable a billing plugin to allow owners to sell channel access
  5. Install and enable the VideoShareVOD plugin to enable video broadcast archiving, video publishing, management.
  6. Optionally, if you want to enable membership upgrades based on same tokens billing system used for content access and tips, add the Paid Membership plugin.

IV. Recommended Plugins

  • Video Share VOD plugin, integrated for video archive support, publishing HTML5 videos. For more details see Video Share VOD turnkey solution homepage.
  • Rate Star Review – AJAX Reviews for Content with Star Ratings plugin, integrated for channel reviews and ratings.
  • Paid Membership & Content plugin, for managing membership with tokens, control access to pages by membership, selling content.
  • myCRED and/or WooCommerce TeraWallet, integrated for tips. Configure as described in Tips settings tab. Supported by Paid Membership & Content plugin.
  • WP Super Cache (configured to not cache for known users or GET parameters, great for protecting against bot or crawlers eating up site resources)
  • WordFence (configure to protect by limiting failed login attempts, bot attacks / flood request, scan for malware or vulnerabilities).
  • HTTPS redirection plugin like Really Simple SSL , if you have a SSL certificate and HTTPS configured (as on VideoWhisper plans). HTTPS is required to broadcast webcam, in latest browsers like Chrome. If you also use HTTP urls (not recommended), disable “Auto replace mixed content” option to avoid breaking external HTTP urls (like HLS).
  • A SMTP mailing plugin like Easy WP SMTP and setup a real email account from your hosting backend (setup an email account from CPanel) or external (Gmail or other provider), to send emails using SSL and all verifications. This should reduce incidents where users don’t find registration emails due to spam filter triggering. Also instruct users to check their spam folders if they don’t find registration emails. To prevent spam, an user verification plugin can be used.
  • For basic search engine indexing, make sure your site does not discourage search engine bots from Settings > Reading   (discourage search bots box should not be checked).
    Then install a plugin like Google XML Sitemaps for search engines to quickly find main site pages.
  • For sites with adult content, an age verification / confirmation plugin should be deployed. Such sites should also include a page with details for 18 U.S.C. 2257 compliance. For other suggestions related to adult sites, see Adult Videochat Business Setup.
  • Updraft Plus : Automated WordPress backup plugin. Free for local storage. For production sites external backups are recommended (premium).
  • For direct membership purchase (where visitors register by paying), WooCommerce Memberships & Subscriptions (premium plugins) allows setting up paid paid membership roles:
    • WooCommerce Memberships : Setup paid membership as products. Leveraged with Subscriptions plugin allows membership subscriptions.
    • WooCommerce Subscriptions : Setup subscription products, content. Leverages Membership plugin to setup membership subscriptionsSetup at least 1 paid role that members get by purchasing membership.

V. Customize

Solution is compatible with the popular WordPress framework, platform of choice for over 1/3 of top internet sites. This means you can find a great number of high quality themes, plugins, tutorials, documentation sources and service providers for your new project.

  • Theme
    Plugin uses WP shortcodes and hooks (actions, filters) to implement its functionality so most themes (free or paid) that meet WP coding standards will work.

    • Theme Requirements:
      – A theme with wide content area templates (preferably full page width) should be used so web application interface can use most of the space.
      – Theme should not disable WP hooks like actions and filters.
      – Theme should not disable or replace with older versions standard WP JS libraries like jQuery, as these are used for interface elements. This can be fixed with a plugin that forces latest version (which may affect the older theme).
    • Theme Suggestions:
      – Sample free theme: New projects are usually deployed with the free Twenty Seventeen theme, with all sidebar Widgets removed from Appearance > Widgets sections (so it shows wide content without sidebar). Widen layout with this custom CSS code: .site-inner {max-width: 1600px;}
      – Sample premium themes: Browse professional WordPress themes to skin site, change design. Check demos to make sure it supports wide content area.
      In example: VideoPro, Jupiter, Impreza, Elision, Sweet Date 4U, AeroLand . Most premium themes should work fine, these are just some we or our clients deployed in some projects and showed all solution features working fine. Latest versions may be different.
    • Theme Setup:
      – WP themes install automatically from WP backend. Tutorial for installing themes: Upload and Setup Custom WP Theme
      Sometimes themes have different menu placements and you need to configure checkboxes and enable menu from Appearance > Menus.
      – Demo theme content: Do not activate options that reset database as that would remove solution pages and menus and you will need to setup sections for accessing features again.
      Avoid installing sample theme content on main installation (pages with “lorem ipsum” texts and other fake content showcasing various theme pages). You can setup a new dev installation for tests or check theme demos, without cluttering your setup with useless content.
  • Full Mode License
    When ready to go live, you should get a full mode license, if you don’t have one, yet. Without a license software runs in free mode. A full mode license will remove all limitations and intrusive ads from the web applications when run from licensed domain.
  • Settings
    Available plugin settings and options are documented in plugin backend and organised in multiple sections: Server, Integration, Broadcast, Premium Channels, Channel Features, Playlists Scheduler, Watch, Watch Limit, Watch Params, Billing, Tips, Mobile, Custom App.
  • Features
    After ordering solution and setting up existing editions, staff can customize these for additional fees depending on exact requirements.
    Software consists of VideoWhisper web apps that can be customised with parameters / by replacing interface skin images and the integration code (plugin) including php, js, css, settings that can be changed as needed. New options, features or changes in the app can be implemented by VideoWhisper developers.
  • Plugins
    Solution can be used in combination with any other WordPress plugins, as long as these meet WP coding standards and don’t break core hooks and features. Tens of thousands of plugins are available to add and improve site features.
  • Logo
    You can start from a professional logo template.
  • Contents
    Site pages, menus, content categories and theme widget sections can be edited from WordPress CMS backend.
    – Most sites require Privacy Policy, Terms of Use pages. Adult sites in US jurisdiction also require a “18 U.S.C. 2257” compliance and contact info page.
    Other pages for policies may be required depending on site jurisdiction (business location, provider/client location). Content of these pages depends on each site, business: you may find some samples/templates to start from, online.
    You can add pages from Pages > Add New in WP admin area and then add these to your menus from Appearance > Menus.
    – Depending on site membership, users should have menus to access registration, login and site features. Although this solution will show Login/Registration buttons for features that require that, users should also have these options in menu or theme, for clarity. Plugins that show special menus to site visitors and logged in users can be used.
    – Widgets can be edited from Appearance > Widgets. For this solution, removing all widgets from sidebar and disabling sidebar is recommended, to have more room for content and features.
  • Design/Interface
    After selecting a theme to start from, that can be customised by a web designer experienced with WP themes. A WP designer can also create a custom theme (that meets WP coding requirements and standards).
    Solution specific CSS (like for listings and user dashboards) can be edited in plugin backend.
    Videochat skin graphics can be edited by replacing interface images. Videochat application layout and functional parameters can be edited in plugin settings.

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